2020 Calendar of Liturgical Seasons

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New Calendar starts Dec 25, 2019 and ends Dec 31, 2020

Old Calendar starts Jan 1, 2020 and ends Jan 7, 2021.


The liturgical life of the Orthodox Church ebbs and flows right over the boundaries of 30-day months. Using a calendar governed by months limits your ability to see a whole Church season at once. This calendar’s spreads are governed by the feasts and fasts that structure the Orthodox year, which results in seven sections of varying length.


  • 12" x 12" designed to hang on the wall (open 12" x 24")

  • Seven spreads ranging in length from six to ten weeks

  • Eleven original images from the Holy Land

  • Spacious squares for personal planning 

  • Light shading on traditional fast days 

  • Ornamentation indicating major feast days of Christ and the Mother of God

  • US holidays and observances

  • Commemoration of over 100 beloved saints

  • Significant feast days from the alternate calendar (Old or New), indicated in italics

Scripture readings, rubrics, and fasting details are not included. 

Calendar is $20


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tRiodion sale
30% ofF

A wonderful gift for...


...the church office...families...meal planning...planning parish events...

your priest and deacon...people newly received into the Church

...godchildren...Sunday School teachers...youth directors...altar servers...

the fellowship hall...the vestry...camp counselors...

newcomers to your parish...catechumens...monasteries...everyone! 



This calendar features images taken during Beauty First Films scouting and production trips to the Holy Land in 2019 for a short documentary about Holy Week in Jerusalem. The film is expected to be available in 2020.

About Beauty First Films 

Beauty First Films is a non-profit creative collaboration of Dr. Timothy Patitsas and Thomaida Hudanish. Our mission is to make films that take the viewer to a place of awe, beauty, and holiness.


Beauty First Films is excited both about the potential of our distinctive calendar design to help and encourage Orthodox Christians, and also about the potential the calendar has as part of our strategy for funding Beauty First Films' work in other areas. 

We have been careful to ensure that our calendar design (including the layout, which itself is original and distinctive) is copyright-protected.  This makes Beauty First Films' the exclusive source of calendars of this kind.  It also gives us the opportunity to consider nonexclusive licensing as a possible further source of revenue to advance our goals and work.


This is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen.

- Kim


BRILLIANT! What a beautiful pleasure to have seen the ultimate possibility of our life in Christ so beautifully before us!  I am sure I want one for myself and every Godchild I am blessed to have.
- Margo

I am thrilled with this calendar. The pictures are so interesting and the set up works so much better for our lives.

- Stacy

WOW. Gorgeous and meditative and efficient all at once! Thank you a thousand times over. 

- Emily

Beyond my wildest hopes I LOVE LOVE LOVE this calendar! I just got back from Israel and it is the perfect gift for the pilgrims who accompanied me. I am sure I haven't ordered enough! Nice balance of Saints. 

- Nikki, Old Calendar customer


This is the first time that a physical calendar has also become a devotional. It helps me understand the historical roots of my faith. - Anna, Roman Catholic


It is just the calendar I needed but didn't know I wanted! I just can't even heart it enough. - Kh. Nikki

By altering how I understand time, this calendar is going to change my life.

- Erin

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Beaverton: St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

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Glendale: Lifegiving Spring Bookstore


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Brookline: Hellenic College Holy Cross


Ellwood City: Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Ligonier: Antiochian Village



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Tarpon Springs: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

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