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with churches built by holy kings and queens of the Nemanja family, 1166-1391

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The 2024 Old/Julian Calendar is sold out. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when sales open next year.

New Calendar starts Dec 25, 2023 and ends Dec 31, 2024 -  Old Calendar starts Jan 1, 2024 and ends Jan 7, 2025


The liturgical life of the Orthodox Church ebbs and flows right over the boundaries of 30-day months. Using a calendar governed by months limits your ability to see a whole Church season at once. This calendar’s spreads are governed by the feasts and fasts that structure the Orthodox year, which results in seven sections of varying length.


  • Designed to hang on the wall, open it measures 12" x 24" (30.5 x 61 cm)

  • Seven spreads ranging in length from six to ten weeks

  • Original images from Serbia, Kosovo, and North Macedonia

  • Spacious squares for personal planning 

  • Light shading on traditional fast days 

  • Ornamentation indicating major feast days

  • US holidays and observances and European week numbering

  • Commemoration of over 100 beloved saints, with special emphasis on Serbian saints

  • Significant feast days from the alternate calendar (Old or New), indicated in italics

  • Photography by Andrew Gould, Thomaida Hudanish, Kim Piotrowski, and Jeffrey Gomez

  • Ornaments and lettering by Gabriel Chapin @as_incense

Scripture readings, rubrics, and fasting details are not included. 

Our 2024 Calendar introduces you to the rich spiritual and architectural heritage of early medieval Serbia. Get a copy today and start planning your pilgrimage!

About the Calendar

Beauty First Films is a non-profit creative collaboration of Dr. Timothy Patitsas and Thomaida Hudanish. Our mission is to make films that take the viewer to a place of awe, beauty, and holiness.


We created this design to engage and encourage Orthodox Christians, as well as to help fund Beauty First Films' work in other areas. 


You can also make a tax deductible donation to support our projects. Donate via PayPal.


Click here for our Calendar FAQ page

You are our Distribution Team

Wholesale. Message us below to get the appropriate rate for your bookstore or retail shop.


Gifts. Sponsor the calendar for an event or demographic that is meaningful to you. Over the years individuals have sponsored the calendar for every attendee at a retreat, all students at a seminary, and all clergy wives in a specific diocese.

Events. Bulk discounts are available for giving the calendar to retreat and conference attendees.


Parishes. Many parishes give a calendar to their parishioners each year, usually with the sponsorship of a local funeral home. Looking ahead to 2025, please reach out in the contact form below to let us know how many you need and what customization might be required by your sponsor. Orders for 2025 will be confirmed in June 2024.

Five Star Reviews

I am thrilled with this calendar. The pictures are so interesting and the set up works so much better for our lives.

- Stacy

WOW. Gorgeous and meditative and efficient all at once! Thank you a thousand times over. 

- Emily

I received your calendar as a gift, and I was instantly and totally devoted to its Liturgical Seasons layout. I absolutely love love love it!

- Eleni


BRILLIANT! What a beautiful pleasure to have seen the ultimate possibility of our life in Christ so beautifully before us!  I am sure I want one for myself and every Godchild I am blessed to have.
- Margo

This is the first time that a physical calendar has also become a devotional. It helps me understand the historical roots of my faith. - Anna, Roman Catholic


It is just the calendar I needed but didn't know I wanted! I just can't even heart it enough. - Kh. Nikki

I've enjoyed having this year's calendar in my work office, and, as a new convert to the Orthodox Church, it's really helped me get into the rhythm of the liturgical year.

- Kimberly

These calendars are beautiful and have lots of good information for the daily lives of Orthodox Christians. I love the way it’s broken up into liturgical seasons instead of months. I have purchased 5 of them now over the last two years! They make great gifts.

- Elena

We invite small retailers to inquire about wholesale ordering.

Thank you. We'll get back to you shortly!

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